About Me

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 07.31.32Hello! I’m a Research Associate at the Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC).

I completed my PhD in 2007 at the wonderful Swansea University on GPU-based Volume Deformation (PDF). For two years afterwards I was a senior software engineer specialising in web-based software in automative quality control. I then moved back into academia under the guidance of Prof. Min Chen at Swansea before taking up my current research position at the Oxford e-Research Centre in 2011.

I specialise in data visualisation. My work in visualisation has covered a range of domains, from biological and medical applications, theoretical, the humanities, and cybersecurity. I have regularly provided guest lectures, tutorials, and practical lab sessions in D3.js for Professor Min Chen’s Visual Analytics MSc course at Oxford.

In my spare time I also really liking cooking things from scratch. In particular, I like making fresh pasta, arancini, and pizzas. I really love making all kinds of bread such as focaccia, sourdough, brioche, pittas and flatbreads. I haven’t yet been able to perfect hummus.

Contact and Availability

I’m available for freelance design work, web application development, and visualisation workshops and tutorials on a consultancy basis.

You can contact me through my OeRC page.